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jueves, 21 de octubre de 2010

I love Zac because he makes me smile. There’s no regrets with him or anything. I adore how real he is; how he represents himself in the most calm yet professional way possible. I love his style, and how he likes to look good. I love the way he was the one starting the pranks and stuff on sets of his movies. I love that he’s faithful. I love those little things he does when he talks. I love that his one leg lifts when he gets scared. I love his facial expressions. I love the way his blue eyes shimmer in the sunlight. I love the way his muscles perfectly carve out of his t-shirts. I love the way his laugh sounds. I love that I dream of him almost every night. I love that he’s real and down-to-earth. I love that he wants to travel & now sail around the world; some of the things I’ve always wanted to do. I love that he picks the projects HE wants, not anyone else. I love that he’s a triple threat, yet he’s too modest to think so. I love his music taste. I love that he’s creative. I love that he embraced being a theater keep when he was in high school. I like that he thinks he’s a dork, because he is xD I love when he smiles, it makes me smile even more. I love that he can make me less alone no matter what’s happening in my life. I love that he can make me cry & he can make me the happiest girl alive. I just…love him.

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